The following documents are required to obtain your Italian Dual Citizenship:

  • Your father's birth certificate from Italy
  • Your mother's birth certificate
  • Your parents' marriage certificate
  • Your parents' divorce decree/certificate, if applicable
  • Your father's certificate of naturalization OR statement of "No Records" OR Alien Registration Card - Green Card
  • Your birth certificate
  • Your father's death certificate, if applicable
  • Your mother's death certificate, if applicable

All certificates must be in long form and can be obtained at the Vital Statistics Office of the State in which the birth/marriage/death took place.

Non Italian Birth / Marriage / Death records must bear an Apostille (pursuant to Hague Convention of Dec. 5, 1961) except for the Certificate of Naturalization and similar documentation.

Certificates in languages other than Italian, must be translated into Italian, except the apostille and the U.S. Certificate of Naturalization or the letter of no naturalization records.