Certified Translation

A certified translation is the most official form of a foreign translation.

Whether you need to translate personal or corporate documents for use in Italy, we offer accurate and dependable translations that comply with current Italian Consulate standards. 

All our translations are completed by a linguist recommended and approved by the Italian Consulate and accuracy is guaranteed by a notarized Certificate.


Request an Italian Certificate

Obtaining birth, death or marriage certificates from Italy with our service is fast & affordable because we have an established network of correspondents covering most of the regions in Italy, particularly the Southern provinces.


Apostille Service

An Apostille is a method to verify the authenticity of documents issued in the US for legal use in several countries, including Italy.

The Italian Consulate requires all US documents to bear an Apostille of the State where the document was issued. Obtaining an Apostille involves several bureaucratic steps.

We offer an Expedite Apostille Service to make the entire process efficient and effortless, regardless of where the document was issued.